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Stakeholder Relations

We help clients develop relationships with stakeholders that are established on trust.

We bridge gaps in understanding and participation, build consensus, and clarify roles and responsibilities on the way to developing and achieving shared environmental, economic and social goals.

A commitment to ensuring stakeholder sentiments influence decisions, supported by prudent planning, meaningful information, careful listening, transparent reporting and clear communications, is vital to understanding competing interests and building consensus.


  • Strategic advice and planning - design, implementation and evaluation of stakeholder participation processes that build trust and deliver results.
  • Stakeholder and issues assessment - to determine the appropriate engagement strategy by identifying stakeholders, key issues and perceptions of the issues.
  • Engagement managing and facilitating the engagement process, including hearings and meetings, public and targeted consultations, open houses, focus groups and workshops to ensure open dialogue, transparent communications and information sharing among stakeholders.
  • Consensus building - bridging gaps in stakeholder understanding and participation.
  • Analysis developing and implementing processes for collecting, managing and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative information from surveys, public meetings, written submissions and presentations.
  • Government, corporate and community relations building relationships with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to achieve results.
Examples of our work

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